After the Leaves Fall.

My neighborhood sits comfortably on the 1100 block of Hazel Street. A tree-lined street, this area is just far enough from campus to escape the noise and activities that are included in the weekend nights of downtown Chico.

With a peaceful atmosphere, the neighborhood serves as a neutral zone between the college parties down one way and the families of Chico down the other. Most living in the area are of the college age and the proximity to things seems ideal. Bicyclists can often be spotted, while cars roaming the streets are less common.

The pastel-colored houses are diverse, some run-down and beaten, while others stand fresh and tall against the backdrop of trees. These trees are a main element of the area, sprouting from every front yard and weaving high above. The branches serve as an over-head blanket for the neighborhood and now that winter has stolen all of the leaves, the blanket has holes.


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