Getting Around to That Book You’ve Been Wanting to Read

Looking around the room, there are books everywhere. On top of the dresser, under the nightstand, on the desk and in the drawers. No drawer can be opened without giving away the hiding spaces of at least a couple of books, some unread. How do people find time to read all of the great books they’ve acquired over time?

  • Carry a book in your bag at all times. This will remind you to read and will also save you during situations in which you have to kill time. You will thank yourself later for bringing the book and even the few pages you get in at the doctor’s office will make a difference over time.
  • Go back and reread the jacket covers of your books. Remind yourself why you bought these books to begin with! This will jog your memory and make you want to find time to read again. When you get busy, it can be easy to forget why you like to read.
  • Work reading into your routine. Some people always read before bed at night, while others set aside time in the morning. Find which time works best for you and ensure that reading becomes a part of that day. If you read at the same time every day, it will become both habit and routine.
  • Download a reading app. If you have a smart phone, there is a whole book category in the app store. This way you can make your books completely portable. As long as your phone is with you, you’ll be able to whip out a book wherever you are.

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