dreaming of typing in 1950.


My mom recently introduced me to Fab.com, a website featuring different daily designs and deals, (tongue-twister?) usually consisting of things I’ve never seen before.

“Everything on it just reminds me of you!” she said. “It’s such a ‘Jenna-website.'”

Based on this description, I had to check it out. I looked over it once or twice, entertained by the pages of quirky art prints and woven Turkish hand towels, until the front page displayed these beautiful Kasbah Mod custom, restored, vintage typewriters — and I fell in love.

I had posted only a few days earlier, “I want to own a vintage typewriter one day,” on Twitter and this posting on Fab sent me over the edge. The page listed over 30 typewriters varying in decade, from the 1920s to 1970s. One of them is even 24-karat gold-plated! Fancy. This form of writing technology that precedes computers just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Something about them makes me love writing even more.

I wish I was writing this from a typewriter instead of a laptop!



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