Running shoes

I’m at the point where I’m itching for a new pair of running shoes. They definitely aren’t cheap, so this purchase is going to have to wait a while, but a girl can dream, right?



I’m interested in shoes from Mizuno, (clearly) Brooks and Saucony. I like Nike, but I already have a pair of Free Run 2s, so I’d like to switch things up.



My brother bought me the Vivobarefoot Lucy Lites for Christmas. I’m not used to the barefoot type of shoe, and I definitely need to get a pair of insoles for these. The 3mm sole might be too thin for me. They’re strictly for treadmill or road running. I’ve had my Free Runs for a while, and they’ve been a solid pair.


5 thoughts on “Running shoes

    • All of the Mizunos I have listed are Waves, (Ascend, Precision and Rider) but there are so many varieties that I have a hard time choosing which would be best! I’ve heard good things about Inspire too.

      • Well good luck finding your perfect pair! From my experience, I always found it most helpful to go to a specialized running shoe store, because they will look at your foot and arch type to find the best one for you, and (at least at my store) they’ll even let you bring your shoes back within two weeks even if you run in them if the shoes end up not working so well or giving you blisters!

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