Now Playing: The Dangerous Summer’s “Golden Record”

Golden RecordTDS

“The world can take control, but don’t ever lose your heart.”

I first started listening to this band shortly after “If You Could Only Keep Me Alive” came out in 2007. I rarely remember my first impression of a band very clearly. I don’t remember which song I heard first, and I don’t remember where I heard it. I do, however, know that I liked whichever song it was, because here I am, six or so years later.

“A feeling’s just a feeling til you let it get the best of who you are.”

I also remember sharing the 11 songs from “Reach for the Sun” with friends and specifically picking out each and every relevant lyric. Those lines were the real reason I fell for this band – I’ve always gotten especially attached to good lyrics I can appreciate, probably because a) I’m a word nerd and b) getting relevant, strong, relatable messages and emotions across through words seems infinitely more difficult when music is thrown in behind them.

“I’m not alone because I live inside a world that is my own.”

I don’t listen to The Dangerous Summer as much as I used to and I last saw them play two years ago in a warehouse, but I’ve consistently considered them one of my favorite bands and have really been looking forward to the new album. I’m not going to review it because who the hell am I to critique music? That would be dumb. But I will say that it seems like their sound has really progressed with every album and that I’m truly enjoying “Golden Record.”

“The Atlantic watched our love in Cape Town and London, so it washed away our sins and the lives that we once lived.”


One thought on “Now Playing: The Dangerous Summer’s “Golden Record”

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