California snow day

Snow and California don’t go together very often–and absolutely never in the Bay Area, so I went up to Truckee this weekend with my best friend and her family.


Before that the last time I went to see snow was in Tahoe two years ago when the winter was so mild that all of the resorts (and patrons) had to settle for manmade snow. This means it wasn’t nearly as cold as it usually is during winter, so before this past weekend, I hadn’t felt real, live, harsh winter in probably about a decade.

I just want to make something clear: snow is cold. It was a bitter 11 degrees out and actively snowing the whole time we were there, but it was gorgeous. I don’t know how to ski or snowboard, so we spent a lot of time inside with coffee, watching the snow fall on the other side of the window. Trees are my favorite in the fall, but I have a new appreciation for seeing them covered in snow. They look so perfect with each branch and leaf precisely blanketed.




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