A weekend among giants

I live in Northern California, but it’s hard to realize just how big that stretch of the state is until you get in the car and drive. It’s about three hours up to Chico and another three still to the California-Oregon border. And that’s just going straight up on I-5.

This weekend I took a trip to Arcata, California, with my brother so he could see the Humboldt State campus. He just applied to transfer to a few schools, and we’re planning on visiting each of them before he makes a decision on where he wants to spend the next two years. Arcata is on the north coast, five hours from the Bay Area, and Highway 101, or the Redwood Highway, is what gets you to and from.


This photo was taken on a stretch of 299, which runs from Redding to Arcata. We stopped in Chico for a night (which wasn’t actually on the way) so I could see my friends. I had such a good time, and it definitely made me wonder how I went so long without seeing those people.


My favorite thing about Humboldt State and Arcata in general was the enormous forest that begins on the border of the campus. That, along with the thick layer of fog that hovers over the town almost year-round, makes for a pretty beautiful view.



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