A busy Bay Area weekend ahead

I’m back in the Bay!


I’m home for the first time this semester, but I definitely won’t be relaxing. I drove down from Chico late last night after my night class and woke up at 6:30 a.m. to make it to BART. I’m currently on a train making my way from the east bay to San Francisco, where I’ll be attending the Associated Collegiate Press National College Journalism Convention.
It’s conveniently located just across the bay from my hometown this year, so I’ll be spending the weekend at workshops and skill sessions with hundreds of other student journalists from across the country. It should be a good time, and I’m hoping The Orion can bring home a Best of Show award. We’ll see!


And so it begins.

This seems to be the phrase of the week. In the whirlwind that has been these past five days, I’ve finished my summer internships, moved into my new house in Chico, hosted orientation for the newspaper and had a handful of meetings. All of this while trying to comprehend and come to terms with the fact that my final year of college technically begins in just four days.

I’m back in this town that I’ve learned to love, and I feel the words “I’m a senior” come out of my mouth when meeting new people. Simultaneously, there are swarms of freshmen who just moved into their new dorm rooms with big dreams and hopes and absolutely no idea of all that they’ll see, learn, do and explore over these next few years. It makes me nostalgic and envious that they have four wonderful college years to look forward to while I am scraping at the bottom of the jar to make the most of my final one.

But I’m optimistic. With the most supportive roommates I could ask for, a senior year “bucket list” and a new job as managing editor of the newspaper, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be a year to remember. My only request is that time moves slowly enough for me to appreciate and take advantage of each day in this town before everything changes and “real life” sets in. The college lifestyle is a rare one—one that you never get back after graduation.

Of course, I’m also preparing myself for the many, many instances in which people will ask, “So, what are your post-college plans?” I’m hopeful about those too, and I look forward to finding out those plans once the time comes. Until then, I can only hope that I end up doing something I enjoy as much as my college experience.

The times they are a’changin’

Week three.

This is the first week in which The Orion has implemented the decision to shrink from a four-section newspaper to a two-section newspaper. Financial issues are forcing us to do more of what we have begun trying to do – adapt to the times and embrace the Web.

We are lucky to still have all five sections intact and in print: news, sports, arts, features, opinion. I also still copy edit just as much material, some of which will be presented as online exclusives.

We’re all experiencing some growing pains as we learn to adjust to the sudden need for significant changes, but it can be said that I have fallen in love with this newspaper and that, as a staff, we will continue to work hard, release strong news content and roll with the punches.

Distance makes the mind creative

Distance makes the mind creative is a column written for The Orion’s 2012 Valentine’s Day Guide.

I will be spending Valentine’s Day attending three classes, taking two scheduled exams and tirelessly copy editing the next issue of The Orion – all while being 200 miles away from my boyfriend.

I won’t be seeing him on this holiday for the first time in our relationship, because Valentine’s Day is inconveniently set on a Tuesday and as usual, life gets in the way. Those in long-distance relationships may want to try out these alternative ways to make a significant other smile from afar on the mushiest day of the year.

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Humanities program has few students, many opportunities

Humanities program has few students, many opportunities was written for The Orion.

With just 28 students in the major, the Chico State humanities program is known to provide courses that include meditation sessions, meetings with professors over tea and a full dose of culture.

This not-so average major includes an array of arts and ideas, including music, religion, philosophy and art from many time periods. With this sort of variety, students are introduced to a bit of everything regarding world culture.

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